Volume 86/18 2011
Posted: August 29, 2011
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"Kulumbai", "Dalur", "Kepayang Air" or "Dala" are the local names given for Crateva religiosa (Capparaceae). This is the second species in the genus occurring in Peninsular Malaysia. The other species being C. magna (Lour.) DC. Creteva religiosa is very common and has a wide distribution, ranges from India, Burma, China, Indo-China, Sumatra, Java and Borneo.

Similar to C. magna, this species has showy flowers, in short racemes (3–5 cm long). It is commonly being planted worldwide as an ornamental. This trifoliate (with leaflets elliptic to ovate, 15–19 × 3.5–6.7 cm) species is a small to medium sized tree (4.5–15 m tall) with a widely, stout-branched crown. Its sister species, C. magna is weakly branched. Crateva religiosa also easily distinguish from the latter species in its leaf venation by having 6–7 pairs and widely spaced as opposed to 12–20 pairs and closely spaced.

It is grows on evergreen forest, near river banks at low altitude below 700 m. In Malaysia Plant Red List, it was listed as Least Concern.


Jacobs, M. 1960. Capparidaceae. Flora Malesiana 1, 6: 65.

By Julius, A. (avelinah@frim.gov.my)
Edited by Dr Saw Leng Guan

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